It’s been…

20 years, folks.

Atomlab, formerly known as Atomic Laboratories or Atomic Industries, is a brand with roots that trace back to winter of 1996 in the USA. Originally launched as a BMX-specific line of products, Atomlab first gained its popularity with its well-received Flatboy pedals. Iconic names from the downhill racing circuit were sporting these components - John Tomac, Myles Rockwell, Missy Giove, Dave Cullinan, Brian Lopes, and Shaun Palmer. This led to the inevitable growth of the company as it developed its mountain bike products. Today, we’re still about producing the strongest, most reliable, and highest value components for bikes. We pride ourselves in building parts that allow the rider to focus on the most important thing - THE RIDE.

The CFR Series

The CFR Series is the new performance range of carbon components from Atomlab, designed to deliver that balance between lightweight and strength.

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Return of the King

History makes a comeback and it looks better than ever